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Despite the difficulties the team faced, J&J were prompt, professional, and clearly worked hard to complete the job in a timely manner. Their flexibility on-site was greatly appreciated as we were able to get even more items calibrated.           Courtney  

"Thank you for the fast response to our request!! Our down time went from 3 weeks to just 5 days because of your ability to get us taken care of !  Much appreciated!!  Aaron was awesome! 

We will definitely use your services in the future!"               Steve


"Callie and Kolton did a great job while they were here.  Hope to have them again."      Jason 


"Koltin does a great job, by the way.  Very courteous and conscientious." Angela 


"Our company has and continues to be well taken care of  by J&J Calibration."     Dave   

"Jordan did a great job  for us. He was able to get through our equipment in a timely manner and was back out the door.  Thanks guys!"     Dave

"Wanted to pass along that Koltin did such a great job.  He conducted the onsite above and beyond and was great to work with.  We want him on all of our on-site services."     John

 "Jordan was competent, professional and truly wanted us to be satisfied with the results. He was willing to run unplanned tests on our equipment (Faro Arm) in order to satisfy our curiosity. And he worked hard to solve problems with our height  gage.  I appreciate Jordan's diligence and applaud his dedication to customer satisfaction."     John

Rating 5 = Fantastic!

“ The J & J Calibration team was extremely cordial, courteous and professional!

The work went smoothly and was completed ahead of schedule.

We look forward to the next on-site calibration event! ”  

Quality Assurance Manager

" Thanks for the great service Tara.  Would definitely recommend J&J to other maintenance shops in need of calibration and recertification services! "       Chris 

" The technician who was servicing the equipment was very helpful and great to work with, we were all very happy with the service provided and look forward to working with everyone at J&J in the future."      Bob      

" It has been a great joy working with your organization and I hope we will be able to do business again in my new location."    Rod

" My experience with J&J thus far has been great and thanks again for your assistance."      Ron

" We always get great service from J&J.  Thank you to the whole J&J Team! "     Rod

"  You guys are so awesome!  Thanks for all you do! "       Travis

"  Amber, you are an excellent Customer Service Hand!  Thank you so much for staying on top of this Cable Megger for Us. ”    Chris      

"  Thank you for your great service! "     Brad     

"  Thank you for getting me that information so quickly. "      Jason     

"  Now I know you all are very busy, and your business is important part of keeping our quality at it’s top notch status, so with that said keep up the excellent work keeping us calibrated! "    Peter     

"  Connie, what great service! Thank you all!  Everything was in order and we’re shipping three more tools for calibration. "     Dan       

"  I would like to thank you all for doing a great job so far with the equipment I have been sending you for calibration.  "     Mark     

"  Awesome,  great work… again.  "    Jim     

"  Again, we appreciate it.  We expect to do well in this audit on Tuesday and have you guys partially to thank for that.  "      Jason     

"  It makes my job easier to work with Suppliers of J&J caliber.  I’m glad I was able to facilitate getting you on board at my company .  "      Shawn     

"  Perfect!  You rock on the fast response!   Thank you. "     Megan     

"  Thanks for all the help you have given me and please thank Jeremy and Joel for all their help also.  I look forward to doing business with J&J again in the future.  "    Chad      

"  Thanks guys,  it showed up at the UPS Depot and I picked it up this morning at 7:00 am.  Thanks for your help!  Your customer service is impeccable!   Thanks a million! "    Aaron     

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